2012 State Farm Lawsuit Granted Class Action Status

2012 State Farm Lawsuit Granted Class Action Status

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A Governmental extortion lawsuit alleging that State Farm had diverted cash into the candidacy of an Illinois judge has been elevated to a class-action suit, which could profit well over 4,000,000 insurants.

In 2012, the claimants first filed a class-action legal action in an Illinois District Court. Their claim is that, beginning in 2003, State Farm led a racketeering venture to allow them to avoid paying a $1,050,000,000 verdict that had been confirmed by the Illinois Court of Appeals.

The primary suit dealt with a class action case filed in 1997 over claims of vehicles being damaged by inadequate repairs. This suit resulted in the $1,050,000,000 judgment.

In a mandate issued on Friday, Judge David Herndon summarized the complainant’s claims, which seek to exclude Judge Lloyd Karmeier from being involved in the appellate case as a result of alleged evidence that State Farm used political and financial extortion to have him appointed to the Supreme Court of Illinois.

According to the claim, after Karmeier had been elected in 2005 and voted in favor of State Farm, the Illinois Supreme Court made a ruling that reversed the $1,050,000,000 verdict.

Herndon goes on to say that State Farm enlisted Karmeier, guided his candidacy, created a huge pool of grantors, and diverted up to $4,000,000 into his political campaign. After Karmeier was subsequently elected, State Farm supposedly hid its participation in the campaign while the appeal was awaiting judgment.

State Farm speaker Missy Dundov reports that the insurance company was let down by the court’s ruling on the class status issue and doesn’t feel it is just. She also says State Farm will be requesting the court of appeals to examine the judgment.

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court in Illinois announced that Karmeier (who isn’t involved in the suit) would serve as its upcoming chief justice. If the original 2012 lawsuit succeeds, it will bring about a $7,600,000,000 judgment against State Farm payable to the entire class, partially as a result of the accumulated interest on the payments owed to the insureds.


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